New Ferals and Friends

We are a no-kill organization. Our group is very unique. We cater to all of those pups that take a long time to rehabilitate. In many shelters, there is no time for lengthy rehabilitation and sometimes workers lack experience with these shy dogs. 

We specialize in feral, shy, and special needs dogs. We want to help as many as we can that sometimes get overlooked in kill shelters. 

We do not want to keep all of this information to ourselves so we will also be providing classes for the public, volunteers and staff at shelters. This will be available to anyone across the nation.  

Please fill out the form below to foster a feral dog! We will get back to you right away!

How do I foster? 

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We need volunteers for events and once our building opens. If you would like to donate your time please fill out the application below! 

New rescue coming soon!

where do you pull your dogs from? 

do you teach classes? 

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We will eventually be offering classes: 

Owners and ferals

Shelters and feral rehab

Traditional training classes for advancement

Programs coming soon 

feral dog support  

We have a community of people who work specifically with shy and feral dog who are a wonderful support system. Its called "The Feral Connection" 

About our organization

We pull from shelters across the nation. We do not want to limit where the feral and shy dogs come from because they all need a chance!

Feral Socialization Outings

Special Needs dogs

Work from the Shelter

Educational Classes

Kids and Ferals